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There's a smorgasbord of adventures to be had on Kilimandege Sanctuary and around Naivasha. Whether you're an intrepid barefoot explorer or a more gentle 'from a distance' kind of traveler, this magical Lake has something for everyone.

Sundowners on Lake Naivasha
Mount Longonot Crater
Hell's Gate Gorge
Geothermal Hot Springs
Fired Earth Pottery
Horseback Safari

Scenic strolls around the 88 acre Kilimandege Sanctuary are an absolute must during your stay.


Our knowledgeable guide will be able to tell you all sorts of wonderful things about some of the 250 bird species that can be spotted in the area and you will be able to walk right alongside wild zebra, giraffe, water-buck and gazelle. This exclusive and peaceful walking-safari experience is particularly dreamy as there won't be another tourist in sight!

We especially recommend arranging a cheeky sun-downer (or three) down by the lake to watch one of Kenya's most beautiful sunsets and enjoy the 'guffaw' of the hippos as they enjoy their final hours of wallowing before their evening graze.

Feeling too relaxed to move? Enjoy a massage or get your nails done from the comfort the veranda (see welcome folder on arrival or contact us for details).

Staying at Otter Cottage? Raise your GnT to the journey of giraffes that kindly walk passed the veranda every evening.

Staying at Kilimandege House? Who needs a lawnmower? Enjoy spotting the full range of Fantastic Beasts right in your front garden.


The Kilimandege Sanctuary is proud to also be home to the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust.

This special little place will give you the unique opportunity to see some of Kenya’s weird and wonderful birds of prey up close. From Gollum the ‘vivacious’ vulture to the chatty wee wood owls, you’ll fall in love with at least one new bird this trip!

Click HERE for more info.

A day out climbing Naivasha’s very own mountain is a great way to see some stunning views of the Rift Valley.


Take a picnic and reach the edge of the crater and back in just a few hours (medium difficulty), or make a full day of it and walk the whole way around the rim. Guides are optional.


Take plenty of water and sun cream!


Park entrance/start of walk: 45 min drive from Kilimandege Sanctuary.


Click HERE for park entry fees.


Hacks take place around nearby Sanctuary Farm conservancy. Beginners welcome.


3,000 KES per person per hour + conservation fees


+254 722761940

There’s plenty of stuff to do in one of Kenya’s most famous national parks. From cycling to gorge walking, hot springs to rock climbing, Hell’s Gate is a full day’s adventuring.



Bikes can be hired from the park’s junction with South Lake Road or the main gate for you to explore the wilderness on two wheels. Take your time choosing the right bike for you!

You can choose your own route through the park but we recommend heading to ‘Rangers’ Post’ (approx 1.5 hrs) to then do the gorge walk.

Bike hire fee: approx 500/=


Once at Rangers’ Post, you can hire a guide and walk the gorge (claim to fame: Tomb Raider 2 was filmed here). The gorge is home to several hot springs so bring an egg or two to boil. It can be a bit of a ‘scramble’ in places so wear appropriate footwear (walk is approx 1.5 hours). A guide is recommended.

Guide fee: approx 1500/=


The park is vast so you may prefer to cover more ground from the comfort of your own vehicle.


There are a number of volcanic plugs within the park that are perfect for climbers of all abilities. Harnesses and an instructor are provided. Beginners welcome. It is recommended to arrange in advance. Call James +254 727039388

Click HERE for park entry fees.

On the far side of Hell's Gate park by the Olkaria Gate, you will find ‘The Blue Lagoons’ geothermal swimming pool: the first of its kind on the continent. These geothermal heated, milky lagoons are a unique ‘wallowing’ experience.

Non-resident adult: 1800 KES

Non-resident child: 850 KES

Resident adult: 1000 KES

Resident child: 500 KES

Citizen adult: 400 KES

Citizen child: 100 KES

(NB Pool fees are in addition to park fees)

EATING OUT- all locations on Google Maps

Camp Carnelley's

A great bar and restaurant serving up fab food and a fun vibe. +254 710476364

Ranch House Bistro

A lovely setting overlooking ‘Little Lake’. +274 700488475


Good Italian food! They will also deliver to Kilimandege. +254 791371607

Pantry & Provisions

Naivasha's newest cafe/restaurant with child friendly menu.  Open until 10pm. 


Walking safaris at Crescent Island or Crater Lake

Pottery Classes at Fired Earth Pottery

Golf at The Great Rift Valley Lodge

Swimming/gym/tennis at Simba Lodge

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