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Kilimandege sanctuary

-- Hill of Birds  -- 


​Naivasha's little secret.


Tucked away between two busy lodges is your own little piece of untouched paradise.


Hosting- and boasting- over 350 species, Kilimandege Sanctuary ('Hill of Birds' in Kiswahili) is the perfect place to lose yourself in a colourful explosion of feathers and tweets that will fascinate even the least enthusiastic twitcher. Or join wild giraffe, zebra, waterbuck and gazelle as they roam free across the 88-acre grasslands without the harassment of tour vans and overcrowded viewing points.

Left to the foundation by the late wildlife documentary film pioneer, Joan Root, the area is reaped in not only Kenyan history but also international significance: acting as both treasured home and project HQ for Joan & Alan's internationally acclaimed and ground-breaking work for the National Geographic, the 40-year spanning Survival series and numerous independent wildlife films and adventures.

Both of our properties are serene escapes to the country with Otter Cottage sleeping <8 and the historic Kilimandege House accommodating <12 right on the shore of Lake Naivasha. With proceeds going towards the conservation and protection of the area, your stay not only does wonders for your own well-being but also that your our feathered & furry friends.

So stop thinking so hard, and #sharethesecret!


This year will fly by!

Get your 2023 festive booking in the door early and enjoy our special holiday season deals. Contact us for more info. 


Whether you're an intrepid barefoot explorer or a more gentle 'from a distance' kind of traveler, this magical little Lake has something for everyone.

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