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Kilimandege sanctuary

-- Hill of Birds  -- 




Tucked away in a piece of untouched paradise lies Naivasha's best kept secret!


Hosting- and boasting- over 250 species of birds and wildlife, Kilimandege Sanctuary ('Hill of Birds' in Kiswahili) is the perfect place to lose yourself in a colourful explosion of feathers and tweets that will fascinate even the least enthusiastic twitcher.  Alternatively, join the wild giraffe, zebra, waterbuck and gazelle as they roam free across the 88-acre grasslands.

Left to a foundation by the late wildlife documentary film pioneer, Joan Root, the area is seeped in not only Kenyan history but international significance: acting as both treasured home and project HQ for Joan & Alan Root's internationally acclaimed and ground-breaking work for the National Geographic, ITV's 40-year spanning 'Survival' series and numerous independent wildlife films and adventures.

Both of our properties are unique escapes to the country with the historic, 5.5 bedroom Kilimandege House accommodating <12 right on the shore of Lake Naivasha and our 4-bedroom sister property, Otter Cottage, sleeping <10.


With proceeds going towards the conservation and protection of the area, your stay not only does wonders for your own well-being but also that your our feathered & furry friends.

So stop thinking so hard, and #sharethesecret!


Whether you're an intrepid barefoot explorer or a more gentle 'from a distance' kind of traveler, this magical little Lake has something for everyone.

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